10 Ways to Turn Your Trip into an Adventure

10 Ways to Turn Your Trip into an Adventure

01. Go off the beaten path

It’s sad to think about all the amazing experiences we miss out on because we meekly stay on the paths that are marked for us, directing us in the right direction. Break free and don’t be afraid to deviate from the path. Take a stroll down a different city street. Leave the crowds behind and enjoy a more peaceful seaside view. Investigate an exhibit hall not covered by your audio tour. You will be rewarded if you are unrestrained.

02. Try new things 

An adventure is an experience that takes you away from your normal routine. On your trip, challenge yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do or don’t believe you’re capable of. Hike a mountain, go on a biking tour, dance like you haven’t in years at a nightclub or try exotic food. Don’t be satisfied with the sameness!

03. Make new friends 

Traveling involves going somewhere new, whereas adventuring involves becoming a member of a global community. The connections made abroad are what make trips truly memorable. Don’t lock yourself away in your hotel room. Get out and meet locals and other travelers wherever you go. After a long day exploring Celtic ruins, you’ll savor a pint with jovial locals in a village pub on the Country Walkers England: The Cornwall Coast tour. Many of our tours also include farm-to-table dinners hosted in the homes of local families.

04. Be spontaneous 

Sticking to a rigid itinerary or personal routine prevents you from experiencing the richness and excitement of adventure. When you travel, always be open to new opportunities, no matter how or when they present themselves. Practice saying yes instead of no!

05. Reflect often 

A trip spent solely on visiting tourist attractions and ticking off landmarks in a guidebook is a waste of time. Adventures are larger-than-life travel experiences that encompass the entirety of a location, including its culture, people, customs, history, and way of life. Make frequent reflections on what your trip means to you and who you are.

06. Immerse yourself 

Far too many trips involve travelers dipping their toes in a new location but never truly getting to know it. Adventures, on the other hand, completely immerse you in your surroundings. On the Country Walkers Zambia tour, you’ll be surrounded by nature, getting up close and personal with wildlife, and sleeping in remote bush camps during walking safaris.

07. Notice the small stuff as well as the big stuff 

Undoubtedly, famous landmarks and breathtaking views are memorable, but adventures are also about appreciating the small details. Always keep an open heart and mind, noticing and savoring the small details of your destination, from the bright flowers in window boxes to the artistic swirl of frosting atop your pastry.

08. Let go of your preconceived notions 

Adventures demand that we be open to new experiences, and the only way to truly do so is to let go of any preconceived notions we have about the places we visit. Having certain expectations only prevents you from fully immersing yourself in your destination.

09. Live by your senses

The salty sea air, the fragrant aroma of olive groves, the sweet taste of gelato – traveling by your senses turns a trip into an adventure. With its exploration of the delectable slow food movement and sun-drenched local vineyards and farms, our Italy: Piedmont walking tour is a true feast for the senses.

10. Record your experiences

Trips come and go, but adventures last a lifetime. Their effects linger long after you’ve returned home. Incorporate your travel experiences into your daily life by keeping a travel journal to record your thoughts, impressions, and activities during your trip.

Join a Country Walkers guided walking adventure if you’re ready to get out there and explore. Our tours are all designed to be immersive, authentic, and active experiences that you won’t forget.

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